Personalizing a Monument

History of Etching

Etching has been a technique used by artists for thousands of years. From ancient Egypt to Europe in the Middle Ages and up until today, etching has been and still is a specialized technique that was traditionally done by hand, making it very labor intensive and costly process. As with everything in the 21st Century this process has been automated by the use of a machine called the Impact Etcher which has a diamond tip bit that actually strikes the granite to etch the design. This process is called Impact Etching which allows for more contrast in the design and expands the potential for more unique designs. High quality pictures are used to create stunning monuments or custom designs are available which you are only limited by your imagination.

Our library of renderings and monument designs shows the potential that is available with the Impact Etching Designer our staff will work closely with you and our graphic designer to create a monument that will be a work of art.

Step 1


Designs for monuments can come from many different sources, such as your own personal collection, the internet or any high quality, high resolution image.  Your monument design can be made from a single picture or several pictures, it is up to you. Depending on the quality of the photograph or portrait you provide, our graphic artist will be able to replicate a rendering the will simply amaze you.

Step 2

Font Design

With traditional sandblasting methods font choices are limited to what the monument manufacturer has develop within their system which is usually 10 or 12 different fonts. With Diamond Etching on the other hand we have a list of over 200 fonts that are available to chose from. These fonts can also be enhanced to look 3D, embossed or shadow toned your design options are limitless.

Step 3

Etching it.

Congratulations, at this point with the help of our memorial counsellor and graphic artist you will have created a one of a kind design that will be forever more etched in stone.